Indoor Positioning System and Data Analysis for Production halls

low implementation cost faster implementation easy implementation easy maintenance no interferences space saving

We will not rebuild the hall.

the system infrastructure is simple and cheap

 which gives many benefits: 

How complicated is our

positioning system?

Created Indoor Positioning System allows in affordable price to be used on production plants in existing trolleys, forklifters and other indoor transportation equipment, by adding a piece of HW in the bottom of a trolley. The system requires very few additional devices (HUBs, sync gates) which makes it very easy and cheap to implement, reconfigure, adopt.  System is designed to be a functionally extendable platform.

Do you know how much data is floating

through your hall ?


Transport trolley’s require frequent periodic   

inspections to detect serious problems at an

early stage. Employees often do not notice

minor damage or report it. Damage to even

small carriages can cause damage to goods,

damages to shelves, surface damage, short-

ages, collisions or even accidents involving the

loss of workers' health.


Our solution based on accelerometers, gyroscopes, en-

coders is immune to EMC distortions or other obstacles

present in changing production environment. System re-

quires very few supporting devices (HUBs, sync gates). It

makes the solution very easy to implement and reconfig-

ure.  System has very low interference in

production plant setup, architecture. System

gives a possibility to detect vibration, accidents,

movement in 3D space  and weight carried load.

Is this system for you?

System is dedicated for production plants where the environment is prone to electromagnetic field distortion (electric tools , electric engines), moving objects, production line’s reconfigurations, which leads to supply paths to be changed frequently. Trolley manufacturers who are obligated to service their products.


Business model is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) approach. HW devices required for the system will be sell in affordable price. Customer will be charged by subscription, paying an amount / per number of trolleys / per chosen functionality / per month Further new functionalities will be delivered remotely by remote system upgrade & customer application market place


March 2018 Very first prototype was introduced in Electrolux production plant in front of plant management and management of Enwar the trolley’s manufacturer ( The presentation resulted in letter of intent from both Electrolux and Enwar management, Base on that we are working on Beta system. Beta is about to introduce small 4 trolley's installation to Electrolux plant. Trolleys are prepared by Enwar.


Monitor the whole supply chain traffic in production plant and optimize it.(shortest paths, number of needed trolleys, etc) Predict accidents , malfunction in supply traffic and avoid production stops Save on staff training where people are thought how to navigate on supply paths. Quickly find a trolley needing a service, on customer’s production hall


We are looking for investors who want to participate in our great project, want to develop innovative technology. Investors seeing the potential of profits in IOT, Big Data and process automation. Companies having experience with production plants, production lines seems to be a very valuable partners  from their experience and possible business contacts point of view.
Traffic efficiency problems Stops & Delays & Accidents Find the cart Find the route Route & layout changes Interferencess of And more …

Localization, navigation? Save time and get new tools

Why is the condition of transport trolley’s important?

The future belongs to data - future starts today.

Starting today,  collect data with us. All data 

will be stored and can be used in the future.

We all have new ideas everyday - right ?-

thanks to the collection of data, we can look at

the past and support the decision processes

like never before. Detailed data analysis can

surprise you.

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Predict malfunctions in supply chain       Immune to interferences     We work on: Weight carried load Detect accidents, defects,  equipment’s abuse  Navigation on the cart  Easy & quick to configure,  reconfigure, adopt Extendable platform functionality
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